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Iambi Secondary School,

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Singida - Tanzania.

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Airtel: +255 789 924 531

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Tigo: +255 658 853 402


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ISS is in the partnership with people from Germany. There are two schools and one Sponsor club  in German which are our partners.

1. Scharnhorstgymnasium (SHG) which is in Hildesheim 

2. Elisabeth Von Thadden school in Heidelberg.

3. Förderverein Heidelberg-Iambi Secondary School Tansania e.V.

    supported by  Rotary Club Heidelberg-Alte Brücke

These are our great patners. We benefit through this partnership academically, socially, economically etc.

(i) Sponsorship.
Through this partnership, our friends from German do sponsor some of our students whose parents are not able to afford paying school fees or to students who do not have parents at all. We have about 66 students who are sponsored. Most of them are good academically.

(ii) Economically.
Through different support which we get from partners eg. books, computers, helping paying certain percentage of salaries to some of our workers, construction of desks and chairs. This helps a lot economically since the school has to think of spending money in other developmental activities.

(iii) Socially
Through visiting each other and through exchanging programs, our staffs and students do learn various things from our friends and vice versa eg. the way we live, the way we dress, our foods, administration etc. This partnership has opened the door for our staffs and students to start going to Germany. This makes us become exposed to first world country.

(iv) Academically.
Through supports i.e books, chemicals, desks and chairs, computers and through exchanging programs, this has fostered our school academically. In our district (Mkalama), ISS is the leading school academically.